All of COSMEPAR’s staff contribute to the elaboration of our clients’ results

COSMEPAR’s clinical operations are multi-disciplinary. The teams are made up of qualified scientists: Doctors in Science, Toxicologists, Biologists, Technicians, etc.

COSMEPAR has a very complete medical staff: 

  • Dermatologists
  • Ophthalmologists
  • Odontologists

Each of the doctors contribute to and supervise the studies in keeping with an organised and alternating work-load plan which allows us to provide our clients with highly reactive schedules.

Each doctor intervenes personally in the studies without any third party intervention. This ensures greater reliability without compromise. 

COSMEPAR also works with professionals from the beauty industry

Beauticians, hairdressers, make-up artists... Cosmepar’s professional partners apply the products and evaluate their performances.

The experience of these professionals is a major advantage in the testing of products and ensures that they are applied correctly and appropriately. Their judgement in evaluating the products is both professional and impartial. 

COSMEPAR’s service quality: a global response from the client’s initial request to the final issue of the results.

Groupe 88

Execution of the study

The clinical project involves a series of specialists coming together around the project.
  • The volunteers will be selected and recruited using a powerful tool which has been specially developed and kept up to date to minimise recruitment times
  • Experienced clinical staff receive the volunteers, apply the technical instructions and guide the panel in collaboration with the medical staff. These latter intervene in the evaluations, examining each volunteer individually
  • At all times during the study, the COSMEPAR managers remain in contact with the sponsors to keep them informed on the progress of the tests.
  • Clients can be present inside the COSMEPAR Clinic if they wish, to monitor all or part of the study and speak to the volunteers, doctors or clinical staff...
Groupe 93

The constitution of the Deliverables

Each reading is recorded and tracked.
All of these are analysed and subjected to rigorous statistical validation processes to guarantee the significance of the results. The whole of the chain responds to the requirements laid out in our quality control commitments.

As an independent laboratory, the CCA Group is committed to performing only the tests that are suitable and necessary.