COSMEBAC is a technical team of microbiologists dedicated to evaluating cosmetic products.

Building on its 30 years of experience, COSMEBAC provides services based around 4 major axes:

  • Technical precision: every phase of the analysis is controlled by a traceability system which proves the technical compliance of the operations. 
  • Procedure start-up reactivity: all of the quality control analyses are started on the day that the products to be tested are received. The identification results will be available within 24 hours...
  • Staff availability: in addition to your commercial contact person, three specific technical contact agents will be identified to ensure that you can speak to us about your projects rapidly and in detail. 
  • “After-sales service”: because you might not necessarily be a microbiologist yourself, COSMEBAC provides support for every result, ensuring that you have full comprehension and are able to make the best possible use of this information in your decision making processes. 

COSMEBAC is also a laboratory that invests in innovation and new analysis technologies. Our microbiologists quite often use traditional and alternative methods alongside each other. 

 COSMEBAC has intentionally chosen to work with both approaches to get the best possible results from both. Consequently, in addition to the standardised protocols, COSMEBAC also uses:

COSMEBAC also has a strong commitment to the standardisation process with participation in the work of the AFNOR/S91K GT1 Microbiology commission. The issue here is to define technical standards which justify the microbiological compliance of cosmetic products.