ANALYTEC or Analytical chemistry for cosmetic products

Whilst the cosmetics industry is a lot more than just chemistry, it is mainly about... chemistry. ANALYTEC is a member of the CCA Group and an expert in analytical chemistry, your ideal partner for all security parameter and formula quality control approaches. Reactivity, independence, expertise, know-how, advice and support are our fundamental values.

ANALYTEC is a member of AFNOR and ISO (S91K), it defines analysis methods adapted to suit the complexity of cosmetic products. Our analysis services allow us to provide essential data on:

  • The chemical safety of your products and raw materials: this data is essential for your Safety assessment documentation. It is necessary for the assessment of the regulatory compliance of cosmetic products.
  • The Quality control of cosmetic products. This data is essential to objectively defining contractual relationships between contractors and sub-contractors. ANALYTEC’s modern and proven analysis methods will be able to assist you in your activity as an independent laboratory.
  • Consumer confidence: Our analysis services allow you to certify the safety of your products as well as their performance and effectiveness, we can provide you with all of the data you need to convince even the most informed and demanding consumers.

Just like the other CCA Group laboratories, ANALYTEC operates as part of a team.
This is a team to the power of 3: :

As an independent laboratory, the CCA Group is committed
to performing only the tests that are suitable and necessary.